Bildrite Fiberboard sheathing breathes!
It helps you build a safer wall system.

Prevent moisture problems in the wall cavity, year after year.
Moisture induced damage in walls has become a serious issue, and the subject of many government studies. It has been found that humid air from the inside of a home, in cold weather, can penetrate an exterior wall cavity, year after year, and cause rot and even structural damage. Fiberboard sheathing breathes and lets the moisture out of the wall cavity to minimize the risk of damage.

Water vapor permeability is important.
The degree to which a material allows water vapor flow-through is called permeability. Vapor barrier materials, such as polyethylene film, have low permeability (less than 1 perm) and are installed to control moisture migration from inside the house, into the wall cavity. Some popular sheathing materials have such low permeability that they act like vapor barriers. Bildrite fiberboard sheathing has an average permeability of 28 perms. It really breathes. Fiberboard is up to 10 times as permeable as other popular sheathings. Fiberboard minimizes the risk of moisture damage.

The rate at which water vapor can escape outwards from a wall cavity is crucial to the safety of the wall and is a function of the permeability of the wall assembly, particularly the sheathing. Government studies have found that the use of wet framing lumber, and exterior sheathing with a very low permeability, may cause serious moisture problems in the wall. The longer the wall cavity remains at high moisture content, or damp, the more likely that rot can gain a foothold. Highly permeable sheathing systems, such as fiberboard, allow walls to dry more quickly than less permeable systems and reduce the potential for decay.

International Bildrite manufactures 25/32" Bildrite and 1/2" BraceRite structural sheathing as well as 1/2" Graylite regular sheathing which are approved for use under all types of sidings. Some composition and most wood siding manufacturers require a highly permeable sheathing for use under their product.

Bildrite specifications exceed the demands to which other sheathing may not comply.